Things To Do in Holyhead, Wales

things to do holyhead

Holyhead is located on the island of Anglesey. It is the biggest town in the region.

Many people know it for being one of the busiest ferry ports within the area.

When you head into the town of Holyhead, you will discover that there is a vast array of excellent restaurants and other dining options to suit your taste.

A cinema showing the latest movies is also available and makes an excellent indoor activity for a rainy day. 

In areas just outside of Holyhead, you will be happy to know there is plenty of activities to enjoy.

From sailing, to golfing, to fishing, we are sure that you will discover something to keep you occupied for a whole day. 

If you wish to take the ferry somewhere, we are pleased to inform you that it will only take approximately ninety nine minutes to complete the single journey. The ferry will give you a taste of Dublin.

Better yet, it is very affordable. No doubt you will fall in love with the spectacular scenery along the way.

Holyhead is a fantastic place to visit for a vacation. We have come up with a list of some of the best things to do in holyhead wales that will keep you busy every day of your vacation.

Isle of Anglesey Day Private Day Tour. 

One of the first things any visitor to Holyhead should do, is the Isle of Anglesey Private Day Tour.

On this tour, you will be thrilled at the stunning scenery Anglesey has to offer. Better yet, you will see it all in just one day.

You will be able to leave for the tour from your hotel. You will see ruins, lighthouses, islands of all shapes and sizes, and other outstanding landmarks.

This private tour gives you the opportunity to decide your own intinerary. That’s right, you can choose the places that you want to see.

A variety of private bus tours are also available from various locations in Anglesey. These are a great option if you prefer to travel by road.

Holyhead Breakwater Country Park.

The Holyhead Breakwater Country Park is fabulous.

It has been described as tranquil park that allows visitors to walk for as long as they want or as little as they want. The park boasts a stunning lighthouse and a large number of exciting wildlife.

Not only will you see the wildlife, but you will also hear the wildlife. Some you will only hear, and not see.

An RC Club can be found near the lake. Those who attend the club often sail their boats along the lake.

A range of different ships even sail along the lake at various times throughout the year.

Whilst you are at this park, be sure to stop into the cafe and shops before you leave. Visitors have said that it is where the countryside meets the coast. You can’t get much better than that! 

Anglesey Coastal Path.

Speaking of the coast, how about a trip to the nearby Anglesey Coastal Path. This path is simply stunning.

As you walk along the path, you will discover some superb beaches that you will want to spend time at later on. It is full of variety and makes an excellent trip for a family to enjoy.

The South Stack Lighthouse.

The South Stack Lighthouse is operated from the nearby Trinity House.

To see the lighthouse properly, you will have to purchase tickets on the island. However, this is well worth the experience.

If you do not wish to purchase tickets, you can view the light house on a variety of private tours you can go on.

The Holyhead Lifeboat Station.

Located at Newry Beach in Holyhead, this Lifeboat Station has been described as a wonderful place to visit. It offers a lovely walk around the Marina where you can watch the local crew do their training. The nearby gift shop is over from 11 am where you will be greeted by two friendly volunteer ladies. There is also a gallery of photos from past to present along the wall for viewing.

Llynnon Mill

The Llynnon Mill is located in Llanddeusant, Wales. We encourage you to take the short drive from Holyhead on a sunny day to visit this intriguing landmark.

Not only are the staff here extremely friendly, but they are also very entertaining. They even have a dog with them every day. 

Whilst you are here, you will learn about the history of the mill. Whilst the nearby old bakehouse and roadhouses are all in ruin, it is a place worthy of a visit. 

When you get to the roadhouses, you can enjoy a range of delicious treats in the cafe which is located upstairs. Not only will you enjoy the treats, but you will be left in awe by the spectacular views around the place.

Holyhead Maritime Museum.

An excellent indoor activity to check out is the Holyhead Maritime Museum. This Museum offers guided tours around the place.

The tour guides will share their excellent knowledge with you and you will soon begin to see how proud they are of the Museum that has been created over the decades.

When you first walk into the Museum, you will discover the World War Two air raid shelter which has been converted for a display for the military back in the day.

You would easily spend a good couple of hours here. Once you are done, consider having some lunch at the cafeteria at the other end of the building. 

The Cyfeillion Swtan.

The Cyfeillion Swtan is an old house that has been kept well over the decades ever since it has been around.

Here you will be able to see a movie that details the past life from long ago. You will learn more about the families who lived here and in the area and just how much they went through in those days.

The surrounding gardens have been kept well and are stunning. You might even be lucky and receive a small discount for entry into the home by the guides who work here.

Adjacent to the house, there is a pub where you can enjoy a delicious meal once you are finished looking around this landmark.

These are just some of the best things to do in holyhead wales. We have no doubt that you will fall in love with the area in no time.