Is there WIFI on the Ferry from Dublin to Holyhead?

wifi on the ferry crossing

Yes, all the passenger and freight ferries crossing from Dublin to Holyhead have free WIFI on board. Some area’s on the ships have limited signal such as out on deck, down in the car decks and in parts of the cabin areas.

You’ll need to register to use the WIFI while on board the Ferries and don’t expect top of the range download speeds.

The WIFI on the ferries are perfect for sending emails, scrolling through social media and getting news articles. I’d advise you to download movies to your device before traveling.

What is the internet speed?

I’ve seen the Internet speed range from .5mb to 10mb. You’ll notice when the ferries are more crowded Internet speeds tend to slow down a bit. This is the same with any satellite based WIFI services.

Uploads speeds are also sufficient but don’t expect to upload a vlog to youtube. A picture could take a few minutes to upload to Facebook.

Where’s the best place for WIFI on the ships?

Try and locate a visible router to get as close to the WIFI as possible. I’ve always found the restaurants and bars to be the best place to connect to WIFI.

Should I Use my Own Data on a Trip from Dublin to Holyhead?

Certainly not. I’ve had to learn this the hard way. I got charged marine network pricing when I couldn’t connect to the Stena WIFI system. I got frustrated while trying to Facetime and used my personal data.

I had a bill of over €100. Do not connect to personal data. If you’re traveling with kids and they have a phone be sure to warn them. Costly mistake if you don’t.