How to Get to Dublin Port

directions to dublin port

Dublin happens to be a purpose-built facility for the Superferries of Stena Line and Irish Ferries.

The ferry terminal of Stena Line situated at Dublin is positioned at a distance of 6 km on the east of the Dublin urban center.

Every single main road directing to this port offers clear directions by means of extensive signage.

How to Get to Dublin Port:

One can easily reach Dublin by means of either public or car transportation!

Getting to Dublin Port by Car

As mentioned earlier, the ferry terminal of Stena Line located at Dublin is situated at a distance of only 6 km on the east of the Dublin urban center. Proper directions are provided by all the main routes leading to this port by means of extensive signage.

A restricted number of 30 vehicle parking areas are provided at this port:

• Short-term parking fees: €2.00 every hour (the minimum charge happens to be €1.00)

• Daily parking fees: €9.00 every 24 hours (or else part thereof)

• Long–term parking fees: €50.00 every week

One will get the facilities of short-term parking on the outskirts of the terminal building.

It is possible to get hold of tickets from the parking device where you can make payments using your debit card or credit card.

You may likewise pay by coins, although notes will not be accepted here. Please make certain that the entire proposed length of your stay is covered by the ticket.

Also, bear in mind to display a legitimate ticket for parking on the dashboard for the entire time you are staying here and in case you fail to do so there is a huge possibility of your car being clamped.

In fact, clamping vehicles is fully operational here and the fine for release happens to be €80.00.

Kindly take note of the fact that the parking machine accepts only Euro coins. In case your tickets get lost, you need to pay the full weekly rate.

Getting to Dublin Port by Bus

It will be possible for the foot passengers commuting from Dublin on the 08:10 hrs, 14:50 hrs as well as 20:40 hrs sailings to make use of a helpful coach service that will be bringing you to the Stena Line Terminal located in Dublin right from the Dublin City Centre.

The departure of the coach will take place from Westmoreland Street located in Dublin City Centre at 14.00 hrs intended for the 14:50 hrs sailing, 07:00 hrs meant for the 08:10 hrs sailing, and also 19:00 hrs intended for the 20:40 hrs sailing.

Kindly note: No coach service will be available for the commuters who are arriving from Holyhead on the 20:30 or departing from Dublin on the 02:15.

The charges for this particular coach service happen to be as follows:

  • €3.50 for single Adult
  • €6.00 for Adult Return
  • €2.00 for single Child
  • €3.00 for Child Return

It is feasible to make payments either by using Dublin Leap card or in Euros as well. However, debit cards and credit cards will not be accepted.

On your arrival at the Stena Line Terminal 2 building located at Dublin off the 08:55 hrs, 02:30 hrs or the 14.00 hrs departures starting from Holyhead, you can make use of a coach service that will take you to the Dublin City Center while halting at Westmoreland Street and Connolly DART Rail Station.

Apart from this, there happens to be a drop-off point located at the Heuston Rail Station for which one needs to pay €3.00 for a single child and €4.50 for one single adult.

M50 Toll

It is imperative for every vehicle using the portion of the M50 in between Junction 7 (N4 Lucan) and Junction 6 (N3 Blanchardstown) to pay out a toll while commuting either north or south.

No facility of payment by cash is obtainable on the M50 at the tolling point. It is compulsory for every unregistered user to pay out the toll before 8 pm on the subsequent day after the trip in which case they will be able to stay away from paying a deferred penalty which can be as much as €103.00.

“eFlow” is responsible for operating the tolling system (which is barrier-free) on the M50.

In case you do not have an electronic tag which is “eFlow” registered, it is possible for you to make payment for the toll by going to or you can even make the payment over the phone on LoCall: 1890 50 10 50 using either a laser card or a credit card. It is also feasible to pay out by cash at any “Payzone” branded store across the nation.

Getting to Dublin port By Foot

how to get to dublin port
Directions from Connelly Station to Dublin Port.

These are the simple directions if you fancy walking out to Dublin port. It’s around a 40 minute walk from the Connelly.

You’d be better off getting the bus.